Typical Hagwon English Teacher Korean Apartment Tour

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Hey there!

I finally got around to filming my room tour. As I said in the video, this apartment is paid for by my hagwon and the landlord pays for the internet. I pay for the utilities such as electricity, gas and water. I also have to buy trash bags just like I did in Seoul except Jeonju doesn't use the food ones so I get to save money. yay :)

Here are some things I like and don't like about my room.

Don't Like

  1. The bathroom takes forever to dry
  2. It's so small
  3. I hate the wallpaper
  4. There's no microwave
  5. My room is cold because no one lives under me and there's not a whole lot of sunlight
  6. The walls are paper thin and I can hear my neighbor snore
  7. My neighbor once kept on entering their passcode in my door...I'm not sure if it was a prank or he was drunk?
  8. I don't like my neighbor


  1. I have a bed (wasn't expecting one)
  2. Passcode lock so I don't have to worry about losing the key
  3. I live on the 2nd floor so less stair climbing and easier to throw trash
  4. I have a hanging drying rack
  5. I don't have to pay for it

So overall it's an ok place to live. I don't hate it but it could be better. Plus I don't even spend that much time at home. 

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