In the next life, please let me be a tree

my entire purpose will be to grow

to cleanse the air and provide a home

to shade those under me and slowly grow old

if I should be a fallen tree, I’d fall away silently

for I would have no voice to speak

Life Before You

At times I forget who I was before you.

Was I happier then?

or now?

Was I brighter then?

or now?

What was I doing before I was consumed with thoughts of you.

What did I occupy my time with before spending all my time waiting for you.

For what reasons did I cry instead of you,

For what reasons did I laugh if not because of you?

Often times I don’t remember my life before you

Home After a Long Journey

They say you don’t appreciate something until you lose it.

Being on the road allows you to experience new things and constantly be on the move. But after a while you long for home. You long for the things that were once so familiar they became boring. You long for a familiar bed and familiar surroundings. Things are just so much easier back home because you know how things are done, how people act, what you’re suppose to do. But if you never had left, you wouldn’t know what you would miss.

The feeling of coming back home after a long journey is like taking a deep breath when you’ve been under water for so long. Sure you swam with exotic fish and was amazed by the beauty of the sea turtle but we all have to come back up for air sometime. To have both feet planted on the ground for a while, is what we need sometimes.