Suyeon Mountain Tea Room (Writer's House turned Cafe) Traditional Korean Tea House Cafe Near Seoul

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Agata and I took an adventure a little bit farther north in Seoul. We went to this beautiful traditional Korean tea house, which use to be a famous writer's home. It's really peaceful there and the desserts are healthy and beautiful. It's a bit expensive but a nice place to visit at least once. It definitely beats all the other tea houses in Insadong. We then went to a convenience store for a bit and ate some ramen and some snacks. It was a good day and always fun hanging out with Agata :)

Do you prefer tea or coffee?



Kdrama Coffee Prince Cafe Sanmotoonge & Eating Samgyupsal Seoul Korea Vlog

Kdrama Coffee Prince Cafe Sanmotoonge & Eating Samgyupsal Seoul Korea Vlog

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Agata and I visited the filming place for Choi Han Sung’s house in the Korean Drama Coffee Prince. It’s actually a really popular tourist attraction and lots of tour groups go by here. There are a lot of seats in the cafe and it gets filled up pretty quickly. The scenery is nice but it is a bit dusty and not that well taken care of. 

My First Day of Teaching in Jeonju, Korea


In this video I talk about my first day of teaching. I didn't feel prepared at all but it's one of those things that you just have to get over with. In the video I make it seem like everything is rainbow and butterflies now. But the reality's not. There's still difficult parts and somedays I don't feel like teaching at all. 

But once I'm in the classroom and I see the kids laugh, something melts within me. If i was angry with them before class, it all goes away. Sure they annoy me sometimes and I have to yell at them to keep them in line but most of the time we get along pretty well. Time goes by fast as we are all laughing and talking to each other. There's a million funny stories I can tell about teaching. I need to make some story time videos. They teach me bad words and say the funniest things.

I am so behind on my blog posts. I'm still recovering from my LASIK surgery but I think I can make a video soon with sun glasses on haha. I'm not allowed to wear makeup for 4 weeks and I don't want you guys to see me makeupless...because if I look back on that video I'll feel like deleting it. 

Hope everyone is having a good day. If you are going to be teaching soon, I hope this video inspires you. It'll all be ok! remember it'll all be fine :)