Beautiful Busan Lantern Festival! And Walking Around Nampo Dong

Hello! I'm actually on time with this blog post :)

May 14 is Buddha's Birthday and the day Selina came over from Fukuoka by ferry. We met up in Busan after I pulled an all-nighter (probably only the 2nd one in my life). The previous night, Anna and I went to Tori's house and stayed until 5am. Around 7:30am I left to get on a bus to Busan so I pretty much didn't sleep. I felt like crap. 

But I somehow still had a lot of energy and a great time with Selina. That night I slept so well, I didn't even hear the two Korean girls who shared the room with us come in...

After visiting Nampodong (gukje market, jagalchi market, busan tower) we headed to Samgwangsa (삼광사) Temple. I think it's one of the biggest temples in Korea. 

The lantern festival was absolutely beautiful and I totally recommend you go. But a few tips before you go.

1) Put on bug spray. They have asian tiger mosquitos and those evil things carry yellow fever, the zika virus and dengue fever. 

2) Wear walking shoes. The temple is so big it's basically a hike. 

3) Bring snacks if you are planning to wait for the lights to come on after it gets dark. 

As far as transportation goes, we took a taxi both ways. I just said "SAM GWANG SA" to the taxi driver but of course he didn't understand me so I showed him the Korean writing. Maybe it's his satoori...but I'm pretty sure it's pronounced "SAM GWANG SA".

Oh and I just have to rave about our hostel. Seri Inn is the best hostel I've stayed at for a very cheap price. We stayed here after Jinhae Cherry Blossom festival too. It cost 24,000 this time during the peak season. Their breakfast is awesome. I just love this hostel so much. However, I think mostly Korean people stay here so your roommates may not speak English...

It's getting late so I'm off to bed! Good night all~