Miss Korea Season 2: Julia & JoJo Review


The Miss Korea Season 2 series came at a perfect time for me. I was back from Korea and still caught up in all that nostalgia of the memories, people and places I left behind. So I appreciated how the videos showed me some of the streets I once walked upon. I had seen a few episodes of season 1 but was immediately turned off because it seemed like a Korean reality tv show trying to be an American one. It was crude and a bit innappropriate compared to the usual Korean reality tv I was used to.

Julia and JoJo weren't like that. I could tell they were two genuinely kind and good girls that showed their most authentic side to us. As I finished the last episode, I almost cried because I realized I will miss them so much. In the beginning I was envious that they got this opportunity and criticized Julia a bit in my head, but in the end I fell in love with her personality and character. They both changed along the way and definitely for the better.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who misses Korea or who dreams of going one day. If you've been to Korea, you'll be ecstatic over seeing familiar places. If you haven't been, this series gives you a million ideas of what you'll expect and what you should do there.

This series also touches upon the dream of becoming a Kpop star that many of us had. I know I've dreamt about it. I even auditioned for JYP but that's another blog post. It takes tremendous effort to become a Kpop star. In the end you have to ask yourself if you really want to go through all that pain to become famous or just have fun with your art and be happy without all that fame and fortune.

Julia and Jojo has inspired me to work hard at my dreams and just be myself. They're the funniest people because they don't care about what others think when they're together. If you haven't seen their music video or EP 11 on the making of it please do! I was laughing out loud so many times. It showcases their wacky personalities perfectly.

I'll miss these weekly breaks from reality and being transported back to Korea. I hope for season 3, I can audition too :P. But I never seem to get the right news at the right time lol.