Trying Vegan Temple Food in Seoul, Korea

Trying Vegan Temple Food in Seoul, Korea

So temple food in Korea! On my second day back in Seoul, Dani suggested we meet up before she had to go back to Toronto for good so we met in Insadong. She's always wanted to try Korean temple food so I said sure why not. She was worried I wouldn't want to go due to the price but I am down for any new experiences I can vlog about. 

DIY Phone Case Cafe in Seoul! Make Beautiful Customized Phone Cases~

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Cari from Cari Cakes and I went to DB story which is a DIY phone case cafe in Hongdae. I get complimented on my phone case constantly but honestly I did not do a good job haha. And a tip...Don't use pom poms, they get dirty so quickly. 

At the end of the day I got to see Palo Alto perform and even filmed a collab with Sean. If you haven't seen that video you can see it on my channel :)

What kind of phone case would you like to make?