Birthday Brunch at Colline Cafe (Debowlbi Cafe) in Hongdae

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My birthday was on April 24th. It was a beautiful Sunday that was hot enough to wear a t-shirt and skirt but not too hot where I would be sweating like a pig. I'm so blessed to have such great weather on my birthday. I am also blessed to have such great friends celebrate with me.

I always thought I didn't have many friends but slowly that's starting to change. The best part about traveling for me is not just the things I see and do but the people who are there with me. With every journey I seem to make lasting friendships. Maybe it's because we know our time with each other is limited and should be treasured that we treat each other differently. Or maybe it's because we are all in this foreign country with no one to depend on that we cling to each other. 

Either way, I am so glad I'm not alone. I am so happy I got to meet these girls and spend my birthday with them. 

Now some info on Colline Café in Hongdae:

It used to be called Debowlbi but they changed the name recently. I'm not sure why but I do like Colline better. It's a flower cafe and the filming site of a few dramas like "She Was Pretty" and MBC's "Best Couple". I didn't know this until a few days later when I looked them up on Instagram. 

If you have watched my drama videos you know how crazy I am about dramas and especially drama filming sites. I was pretty bummed out that the pumpkin carriage at Everland in "Kill Me Heal Me" got removed but hey I got to sit on the same terrace Hwang Jung Eum got to sit on in "She Was Pretty". 

The service is great. There's even a cute waiter and they speak english pretty well. After we finished our meal they gave us a free Americano and some pretzels. The flowers are absolutely beautiful and the food we ordered was delicious. If you are ever in Hongdae you MUST visit Colline Cafe and take a hundred photos with their flowers. It's a very Instagram-friendly place.

They also followed me on Instagram so they make me feel super special lol

There's just so many places to explore in Seoul. I'll have to go back quite often.