A Month of Groceries in Korea for Under $100

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I decided to make a new (and hopefully better) grocery haul video! I've been budgeting my grocers for 100,000 won per month. I don't have much experience living by myself so I don't know if that is too little or too much. Let me know.

I usually go to Lotte Mart because it is so close to where I live. Sometimes I go to Homeplus if I can't find something at Lotte Mart. Homeplus tends to have more foreign imported foods. Let me know if you want me to do a comparison video of the two. 

I don't really know how to cook so I buy a lot of frozen things. I have to eat the fresher foods first so they won't go bad and for the rest of the month I survive on frozen foods and ramen. I'm not sure if that's the healthiest thing but so far I don't mind. 

I am obsessed with saving money for some reason. I don't do it out of necessity but rather it's like a game. I am also obsessed with point cards lately. I will make a video on that too. 

Thanks for watching!