Where to Eat and What to Do in Jeonju Hanok Village in Spring

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I recently met Tori (she has a blog too) who teaches at a Hagwon near me. I didn't vlog the first time we met because I thought that would be too awkward but turns out she has a blog and put me on there already hahaha.

Since it was the beginning of the cherry blossom season in Jeonju, we decided to check out the Hanok Villages. Everyone online said it was a good place to spot cherry blossoms in Jeonju but it's a lie. There weren't many cherry blossoms but a lot of 개나리 or forsynthias. They are the yellow ones you see throughout the vlog.

It was Tori's first time touring Jeonju's Hanok Village (전주한옥마을) so we had some good kalguksu at a famous restaurant called Veteran Kalguksu (베테랑분식)walked around Jaman Mural Village (자만벽화마을) and ended the day with some bingsu. 

We also visited the Jeondong Cathedral (전주 전동성당) and sort of walked through Omokdae and Imokdae (오목대와 이목대) but to tell you the truth I still don't understand what the difference between the two is. They are kind of meshed together with the mural village. I think I did see it last time with my Korean friend though who knew more of where we were going. I'll do a better vlog next time as I expect some friends to visit Jeonju and I'll have to show them around these places again. 

I felt really happy to be with such great friends on a nice relaxing weekend. I feel like Anna, Tori and I are becoming closer and we suit each other very well. 

Expect to see more vlogs with the three of us! 

Suggested route for Jeonju Hanok Village:

Jeondong Cathedral -> Walk through hanok village alleys -> Veteran Kalguksu (or other famous food places nearby) -> Jaman Mural Village ->Omokdae ->Imokdae

Directions to Jeondong Cathedral and Veteran Kalguksu: