One Week in Taiwan: My Taiwan Trip Vlog Roundup


I got the chance to visit my friend and her family in Taiwan this year. I had to do a visa run anyways and I'd never been to Taiwan before so I thought why not? This is a roundup of all the videos I took while I was in Taiwan. Enjoy!

My journey started in Taipei's Ximending. After lugging my little suitcase from the airport to the subway station, I finally arrived at my Airbnb. I got a chance to go to Ningxia Night Market and explore Ximending a little bit before meeting up with my friend the next day.

My friend took me and some of her friends to Jiu Fen, which supposedly inspired "Spirited Away". It was awkward vlogging with people I didn't know really well but we all became comfortable pretty fast throughout the next couple of days. Jiu Fen was a beautiful place with all kinds of "balls" XD you could eat.

My favorite favorite place in Taiwan is Sun Moon Lake. I want to come back and do a hike here one day or ride a bike. The water is absolutely beautiful and the tea eggs super delicious. They also have awesome milk tea. A very peaceful and relaxing place :)

Feng Jia night market is suppose to be the biggest night market in Taiwan but it's located in Taichung. The night market was so exciting,  filled with food, games and lots of people. I got to try everything from Pork's Blood to Big Sausage Inside Little Sausage. My favorite though has to be either Stinky Tofu or Papaya Milk. I love papayas. 

I didn't film some of the places we went to but then came the day I had to leave. I first took a train to Taipei and stayed in another Airbnb close to the airport. I got bitten by mosquitos here but it was a very unique experience. I also walked around this very cute neighborhood that if I have a chance next time I will show you guys. 

What I also failed to mention in the vlogs is that I did a lot of shopping. I bought a lot of cosmetics, especially face masks in Taiwan. If you're curious to know what to buy when you get to Taiwan then watch my haul video. 

I never thought I would fall in love with Taiwan but I did. Who knew this tiny country would be so full of charm. It's on my list to go back one day and explore it fully. There's so many things I want to show you guys in Taiwan that I didn't get a chance to this time. I also want to thank my friend and her family for their awesome hospitality. Without them, I would not have had such a fantastic trip. 

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