Shanghai Apartment Tour

Hello from Shanghai!

So I finally FINALLY have finished filming my house tour. My apartment is located in Jing’An district and I know this area is pretty pricey but since I will only be staying here for 4 months, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad investment. It’s safer to be closer to the city and I am located within walking distance of my internship.

The Search
I strongly believe in listening to my intuition when it comes to apartment-hunting, just like how it happened in Korea. I came to Shanghai in June with my parents (because they are protective like that) and we had contacted agencies online prior to arriving in Shanghai but most of them didn’t answer back. I also looked at some airbnbs but most of them were too expensive to live in for 4 months.

We visited a random small agency near my internship who showed us some very cheap housing between the 3000 - 4000 rmb range. My mom was concerned that there weren’t security guards or even a gate to the apartments so it wouldn’t be safe for me. Plus the rooms looked pretty sparse and small. We finally received a call from a guy my dad contacted online. He took us to some very expensive service hotels that looked very tacky. Security made themselves seem like a big deal by making us wait for them and escorting us upstairs but the room looked like something only vampires live in. I couldn’t believe it cost 10,000 rmb a month for that. My parents thought this was a good choice because of how safe it was but honestly the agent guy gave me the creeps and he wasn’t very professional. He didn’t have a business card and didn’t dress very nicely. I was afraid he would rip us off and persuaded my parents to try a larger agency with a bigger office. The final agency we visited was called “Xin Yi Fang Wu” and a very nice girl named Yang Miao became our agent. At least 3 staff members came over and brought water for us and asked about our needs. She said she would schedule some houses for us to look at tomorrow morning. The next day was one of our last full days in Shanghai so things got pretty stressful. But I felt it in my intuition that we would find the perfect apartment tomorrow at a better price than 10,000 rmb a month. 

The next day she showed us two different apartments and huzzah! my intuition was right. The last room we saw was the perfect size and the sort-of-perfect price of 7,000 rmb. I was hoping for 6,000 rmb but because I am only renting for 4 months I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. 

The Expenses
Rent: 7,000 rmb
Utilities: 600 rmb total for my 4 months stay (I don’t know who paid the water bill but I never got it and when we went to the office to check they said it had been paid already)
Agency Fee: 4,000rmb we had to pay for both sides because I was only renting for 4 months
Deposit: 7,000 rmb

Yang Miao was so nice and even set up the internet for me. She gave me this anti-bacterial thing to put in the toilet tank and told me if I ever needed help with moving to call her. She left me a note with the information for the electricity, gas and water bills.

Clean and Modern
All Major Appliances


Behind the Scenes
I learned my lesson that I need to plan out videos and do everything properly instead of half-assed. The only problem I have with this one is that I forgot I could change the F-stop and lower the exposure for the balcony part and the cicada sounds were annoying. But I don’t have a lapel mic or any money to buy one so oh well! I think everything else came out pretty well. And why do I say Whachamallit so much? Where did I even learn that word?

After I filmed the video they started doing construction almost immediately, which is kind of funny. I also found out that one box of water was dripping all onto the floor because I guess they were stacked together and the weight was too much pressure. So then I proceeded to unbox all of the water and had to throw out the wet boxes. Which was a real struggle as I tipped them over several times getting to and from the elevator. Not enough hands to hold everything you know! Glad no one was watching because it was rather embarrassing. But finally got it done! And now I can be as messy as I like puahahah…jk I’m trying not to be a slob. So far I have been pretty good at cleaning every week. I started off with every day but then decided it was a bit much. 

I still miss my Korean apartment though. It was smaller but cozier. But I didn’t know how to dry my clothes in that small space so it always had a weird smell. I think I was supposed to hang it up on the roof but my landlady never told me that T_T 

I still regret not filming one in Korea but you can still watch my Ohjingeo Jjambong video to get a sense of what that looked like.

If I ever go back to Korea again I will film a super awesome house tour for you guys.

Pinky promise~