korean cafes

DIY Phone Case Cafe in Seoul! Make Beautiful Customized Phone Cases~

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Cari from Cari Cakes and I went to DB story which is a DIY phone case cafe in Hongdae. I get complimented on my phone case constantly but honestly I did not do a good job haha. And a tip...Don't use pom poms, they get dirty so quickly. 

At the end of the day I got to see Palo Alto perform and even filmed a collab with Sean. If you haven't seen that video you can see it on my channel :)

What kind of phone case would you like to make?


Suyeon Mountain Tea Room (Writer's House turned Cafe) Traditional Korean Tea House Cafe Near Seoul

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Agata and I took an adventure a little bit farther north in Seoul. We went to this beautiful traditional Korean tea house, which use to be a famous writer's home. It's really peaceful there and the desserts are healthy and beautiful. It's a bit expensive but a nice place to visit at least once. It definitely beats all the other tea houses in Insadong. We then went to a convenience store for a bit and ate some ramen and some snacks. It was a good day and always fun hanging out with Agata :)

Do you prefer tea or coffee?