Trying Vegan Temple Food in Seoul, Korea

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Wow I'm so bad at updating this website. But tbh it's already keeping my quite busy trying to run the channel and make money with it. 

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So temple food in Korea! On my second day back in Seoul, Dani suggested we meet up before she had to go back to Toronto for good so we met in Insadong. She's always wanted to try Korean temple food so I said sure why not. She was worried I wouldn't want to go due to the price but I am down for any new experiences I can vlog about. 

I have a sweet tooth and love ramen and meat, so once in a while I feel like I need to detoxify myself with the occasional vegan meal. My grandma is also buddhist and was vegan until it started to affect her health this year. So I've had temple food with her when I was in China. 

If you've been watching my channel for a while, you know I'm not a big fan of Korean food in comparison to Chinese food. I mean I like tofu soup (soondubu jjigae) and kalbi jjim but I feel that Korean food lacks in variety compared to Chinese cuisine. Koreans want to kill me for saying that but please put your pride aside and recognize that it is true. I'm also the type of person who loves variety so I don't want to be eating the same thing every single day. 

Ok so I'm just avoiding the real topic I want to talk about. The meal was disappointing for 33,000 won. I did get to try a lot of things I've never seen or even heard of before but most of it did not taste good. The main meal was also a just a bunch of side dishes and rice. If it was 15,000 won maybe I would give it a better rating but for 33,000 and you give me just this? 

If I hadn't tried Chinese temple food maybe I wouldn't be complaining so much. But the one I went to, sure it was loads more expensive than this, but they also put a lot of effort and time into crafting unique foods that were delicious yet vegan. For example, I tried this tofu dish, made to look like a little sack of money and filled with vegetables, that was amazing. 

I would give Korean temple food a try if you've never had temple food of any kind but I'd go do a temple stay and eat the food there because it's much cheaper and you get the whole relaxing buddhist experience. 

Next time I go to China I need to show you guys how amazing Chinese temple food is. And I'm not just saying that because I'm Chinese. I'm a very objective person you guys (well I think I am)

I'm gonna be writing more of these "behind-the-scenes-grammar-is-all-over-the-place posts" for each of my videos from now on. It's hard to keep up but i'll try. 

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