Why I'm Currently Living in Shanghai, China

Hi guys! so long time no see...long time no video...

So I am in Shanghai right now in my Jing'an apartment. My table is so messy...good thing I filmed my room tour last weekend, when things were clean.

So in the video I talk about my feelings on coming here and honestly things don't feel all that great. I had another semi break down yesterday, which is of course after I filmed this video. I was so bored at my internship and sick of pretending to be busy. But I think it's an attitude problem. MY attitude problem. I shouldn't be blaming my internship but rather my attitude towards it. If they don't give me any work I should be trying to make the most of it like asking a million questions and trying to learn as much as possible. I even googled "what to do if you hate your internship" and a bunch of answers came up though none of them said quitting was a good idea.

I sure did want to quit by day 3 though. I wanted to do nothing all day and work on my blog and youtube and travel around but...I would be much stronger and respect myself more if I could survive a horrible internship AND do all of those things! I don't want to be a quitter or a lazy bum.

So this morning I woke up hating life...but then as I was preparing to leave, I had a light bulb moment. I'm going to make my time here as good as possible. And today was pretty good. I just need to work slower on tasks they give me so I don't run out of stuff to do, which is hard because I love efficiency. My family is all about efficiency. Sometimes I have to jog just to keep up with my dad when we're shopping or getting errands done.

So far I don't think the 9-5 suits me but seriously, who likes the 9-5? I think the problem with 9-5 is the lack of freedom. If managers gave their employees a certain amount of tasks and let them complete it their way, we would all be much more efficient. We learned about motivation through autonomy in this business communications class I took. It's finally hitting home now.

I hope time will give me answers about what I'm supposed to do on this planet. Until then I'll make the best of things here.

Have you ever felt utterly lost?