People often ask me "how can I find a job in Korea?"
For many, it's the dream to live and work in Seoul. On this page you will find the resources to help you get started in realizing this dream. Some of the links will be affiliate links which, at no extra cost to you, helps us run the channel. I will be updating this page often so go ahead and bookmark it for easy access.

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Power Strip

Why do you need this? Because you only need to buy one Korean adapter (and converter) to plug the power strip into the Korean outlet and then use it to plug in all your electronics from home. I wish I knew this tip when I first moved to Korea. I bought so many crappy adapters from Daiso that were bulky and loose.


Korea uses the same outlets as Europe so you'll need to get an E/F adapter. If you want to charge your electronics immediately after you land it's best to be prepared and bring one with you. 

Command Hooks

It's difficult and expensive to buy command hooks in Korea and the hooks from Daiso are really weak. So save yourself the hassle and get some before you go. Korean homes are small so command hooks are a great way to maximize your storage space. Even if you end up not needing them, someone will be glad to buy them from you once you get to Korea. 


Brita Water Filter

Although Korean tap water is safe to drink, many old buildings have rusty pipes making the water dirty. It's surprisingly difficult to buy water filter pitchers in Korea. Most Korean households buy filtered water bottles, which are bad for the environment and expensive. Order one and a couple of extra filters before you leave to save yourself a lot of money. 

Medication & Vitamins

I brought pain reliever and cold medicine with me because I have brands I like to use. Pain medication is more expensive in Korea too. So bring medication and vitamins that you always take along with you. 


Ranch does not exist in Korea so if you love it, then stock up before you leave.